Industry Challenges 

  • Difficulty in attracting talent - Poor candidate experience such as lengthy hiring procedures and lack of internal organisation drives away top talent

  • Delay and lack of communication

  • Generational and culture shifts - Baby boomers are being replaced by millennials, who are harder to retain

  • Inefficient use of data - due to bad record keeping, disparate sources and inability to access the right information at the right time

  • Difficult to manage expectation of all parties involved - Mismatch in speed of the hire and quality of hire

  • Inefficient and lack of process - Issues and inconsistencies in the recruitment process across departments and people

  • Multiple moving parts – Inability to track multiple open roles, interviewees across multiple departments


Digitising documents and optimising workflows can dramatically transform business operations in Recruitment.


Through initial data capture, gathering and relaying applications, the organisation decreases wasting time on entering and re-entering data into multiple disparate systems.


The Ansible platform allows users to quickly access historic data and learnings from past experience for the same task and workflow. The ability to file, sort and retrieve data based on terms that are inherent to the end user, increasing adoption.  

The net benefit:

  • Reduction in time, greater efficiency and accuracy in capturing data.

  • Seamless collaboration across multiple departments and individuals.

 Platform Solution 

Using Ansible Platform features - User and Access Management, Notification, Smart Form Builder Insight, Analytics & Dashboard along with System Integration, provides the ability for Recruitment specific products with the following attributes:

  • Employee Onboarding Smart Forms

  • Recruitment Workflow Management

  • Internal job posting portal

  • Dashboards and Analytics modules

  • Payroll integration to speed up information flow of successful candidates

 Business Benefit 

  • Ease of applicant tracking

  • Faster recruitment process, (+25% reduction in hiring process)

  • Reduction in manual administration work

  • Detailed application forms resulting in improved quality of hire

  • Data security

  • Real time team collaborations

  • Notifications resulting in efficiency gains

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