Not For Profit  

 Industry Challenges 

  • Competitive landscape - More causes, charities, and NFP organisations are advertising their cause

  • Changing age demographic- younger population and their changing expectations

  • Changing donation landscape - Societies are becoming cashless and their are new ways of fundraising

  • Understanding Social Entrepreneurship - Use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues

  • Measuring Performance - Difficult to prove a positive "return to society" and therefore must use different metrics to profit driven organisations

  • Frequent Reporting to funders and public- stringent and frequent reporting to stakeholders

  • Hiring and retaining workers on tight budget

  • Lack of digital transformation due to limited budget - administration heavy work with light workforce


Digitising documents and optimising workflows can dramatically transform business operations, in some instances reducing processing time by upward of 40%.

Through initial data capture, gathering and relaying applications, the organisation will see significant reductions on time spent entering and re-entering data into multiple disparate systems.

The Ansible platform allows users to quickly access historic data and learnings from past experience for the same task and workflow. The ability to file, sort and retrieve data based on terms that are inherent to the end user, increasing adoption.  

The net benefit:

  1. Reduction in time, greater efficiency and accuracy in capturing data.

  2. Agility in pulling and analysing data and reports for funders and key stakeholders.

 Platform Solution 

Using Ansible Platform features - Smart Forms, Workflow Designer, User and Access Management, Dashboard & Analytics, provides the ability for Not-For-Profit specific products with the following attributes:

  • Onboarding workflow

  • Drip campaigns

  • Mentoring platform

  • Collaborative  Learning system

  • Reporting Dashboards

 Business Benefit 

  • Realtime reporting

  • Ability to on-board staff faster

  • Visibility to partner organisations

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