Platform Features  

User & Access Management

User & Access Management allows you to easily mirror your organisational structure with maximum flexibility to adjust users, groups and permissions on demand.


  • Assign multiple roles to a single user

  • Apply permission Inheritance (allow higher level users inherit the permissions of lower level users)

  • Roll-out configuration for users and groups to any aspect of the system

  • Access a self-service administration portal

Smart Form Builder

Create, delete and edit forms to guide users through both simple and complex processes using the Smart Form Builder.

With no coding or technical knowledge required, create forms with the simple drag and drop user interface .

  • Use the validation and rules engine to ensure your forms capture quality data 

  • Define field level rules of varying complexity based on your needs

  • Build your forms using a wide range of supported field types

Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer brings your Smart Forms to life.


Automate your internal processes using the interactive designer to attach logic and business rules to your Smart Forms.


  • Build your workflow as a diagram using the shapes and connectors to visualise your business process from start to finish 

  • Optimise your business activity by attaching resources, documents, forms, projects, teams and other software applications to your workflows 

  • Promote enterprise agility and process compliance


Tasking provides comprehensive and integrated task management functionality.

Task management integrates with Smart Forms and workflows to ensure compliance with your business process.

  • Provide all users with a  place to coordinate and manage their tasks 

  • Track task completion and manage delinquencies

  • Automate task creation based on business rules defined in workflows

Operational Awareness

Optimise your operations with the ability to use spatial data and real-time location tracking to improve situational awareness, decision making and risk mitigation.

  • Gain real-time data insights for operational agility

  • Represent data geo-spatially

  • Combine with related external data sources such as ABS Census data to develop insights

Insights, Analytics & Dashboards

Harness data captured through the platform and other sources to provide actionable insights and improve decision making across your business.

Use the Dashboard Designer to create and configure dashboards based on your reporting needs.


  • Allow users to configure dashboards

  • Benefit from real-time data visualisations

  • Access dashboard insights on mobile 

  • Optimise insights using predictive analytics

  • Combine 3rd party data sources to give you a complete end to end business view

Security  Built In

With a secure solution straight out-of-the-box, you can rest assured knowing your organisations information is safe and secure.

  • All Ansible SaaS Platform solutions are hosted in secure AWS infrastructure

  • Flexibility with options to Integrate with Active Directory and Single sign-on

  • Support for two-factor authentication

System Integration 

Leverage the API driven architecture for easy and extensive integration with your existing line of business systems.

  • Integrate with existing applications using the extensive API library

  • Implement single-sign on with Active Directory integration

  • Allow for document management integration

  • Default cross-device compatibility.

Industry Specific Best Practice

Follow Industry best practice straight out-of-the box using our compliant forms and workflows.

  • Inbuilt compliance

  • Shared best practice 

  • Gain efficiency and to get to market faster

Continued Enhancements

Gain access to new features every 6 weeks and contribute to the roadmap of the platform with input into future features as part of your subscription.

  • Access new features and platform enhancements frequently on a 6 week release cycle

  • Help shape the direction of the platform and see tangible additions based on your business needs and feedback 

  • Increase your relevance and lifetime value

  • Be involved in open, collaborative development with our teams 

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